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French Press Coffee Brewing Mistakes

French Press Coffee Brewing Mistakes

Below are common mistakes people do when using the french press coffee technique.

1. Beans are not grinded properly
You can tell if the grounds are too fine or too coarse. You’ll have a hard time pressing it if it’s too fine. On the other hand, you can press it with no resistance if its too coarse . For French press coffee, we want ours beans to have a coarse or ground texture. If there’s a nearby coffee shop to grind your beans, you might want to ask them to grind the beans for you.

Note: Too much fine grit can make the french pressed coffee cloudy, muddy, and even bitter.

2. Wrong coffee-to-water ratio
As a rule of thumb, for french press, keep the range of 1:10 coffee-to-water ratio. That is, 1 gram of coffee for 10 grams of water. Well, this can probably still depends on your taste preference sometimes. You can make it a little more, or say maybe make it a little less. In short, whichever you feel taste better!

3. Coffee was left in the French press after pressing.
If you leave your coffee in the French press after it has finished brewing, you’re probably going to drink over-extracted, bitter coffee. That’s because even though you’ve pushed down the plunger, it will keep brewing. So, make sure you only make the exact amount for yourself. Therefore, choose to transfer the left-over coffee to a carafe or thermos.

While the world enjoy coffee in many different ways, french press coffee so far is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a delicious coffee. It also makes a great morning coffee too! To get the best out of your coffee, use the bottled or distilled water. Using tap water might pollute your coffee.

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