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#InstaCuppa Warranty Commitment

Ever wonder what sort of protections and coverage we back our products with?

Well good news, we are not some used car salesman who's about to try and sell you a "special extended warranty" that they won't cover anyhow!Our belief and warranty are simple.

We Got Your Back

All our products are 100% backed by a full 1-year replacement guarantee.

If the product is defective in any way, broken, miss assembled or for any other crazy reason does not meet your expectations we will cover it at free of cost to you!

What Do You Need to Do to Make A Warranty Claim?

  • First off, grab your cell phone or tablet and take a few pictures showing our product and where the defect exists.
  • Locate your original order ID from wherever the item was purchased.
  • Send the picture, order ID and a short little description on what the issue is and prepare to be mind blown.

Click the link below to contact us! We will get Back to YOU in Less than 24 hours.

Contact Our Support Team