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InstaCuppa's Mint Water With Kiwi And Cucumber Detox Drink

We’ll need:

  1. InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Bottle
  2. Mint
  3. Cucumber
  4. Kiwi
  5. Cold Water

Mint Water With Kiwi And Cucumber Detox Drink Procedure:

  1. Take off the infuser rod from the bottle.
  2. Drop the kiwi, cucumber, and mint in the infuser rod.
  3. Cover the infuser rod.
  4. Put the rod back in the bottle then fill it with cold water.
  5. Close and lock the bottle firmly. Let the ingredients infuse for 2 hours or more.
  6. Enjoy every sip of your healthy mint, kiwi, cucumber drink!

Benefits of Mint

  • Helps in prper digestion.
  • The aroma of mint is a quick remedy for nausea and headache.
  • It’s a natural stimulant that can recharge you and get your brain functions more.
  • Mint helps in managing depression as well as fatigue.
  • The mint juice is a good skin cleanser.Mint oil, on the other hand is a good antiseptic and antipruritic material.
  • Mint helps in dealing with respiratory problems.
  • Prevention of memory loss.
  • Germicidal qualities improves oral hygiene and freshens breath.
    Extracts from mint leaves lessen allergies and hay fever.
  • Enzymes in mint prevents cancer.


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