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InstaCuppa’s Green Apple Honeydew Infusion Detox Flavored Water Recipe

InstaCuppa’s Green Apple Honeydew Infusion Detox Flavored Water Recipe

Craving a green apple martini? Or maybe you just want something to quench your thirst? Forget about fancy cocktails that contain nothing but empty calories. The same goes for soft drinks – they’re chock-full of sugar and chemicals that weaken your body’s natural defenses and add inches to your waist.

We have a better solution! Our team has created a delicious summer recipe that tastes like heaven in your mouth! In fact, it’s quite similar to a cocktail, but without the alcohol and extra calories. Think of it as a detox cocktail.

Let’s see what it takes to prepare this savory drink!

We’ll need:

Green Apple
InstaCuppa Bottle


  1. Take off the infuser rod from the bottle.
  2. Slice the green apple to thin slices and chunk the honeydew to small pieces.
  3. Put both the ingredients in the infuser rod.
  4. Return the infuser rod back in the bottle.
  5. Add some cold water.
  6. Infuse for few hours.
  7. Enjoy your Green Apple Honeydew Infusion Detox Flavored Water Recipe!

Detox Your Body from the Inside Out

Green apples are a nutrition powerhouse. That’s why we used them in this recipe. Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, these fruits make a delicious snack. Their juice is refreshing and simply perfect for the hot summer days.

The humble apple is particularly beneficial for your heart, liver, and gut flora. It contains pectin and other types of fiber that feed the good bacteria residing in your GI tract. Plus, it’s rich in potassium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, B-complex vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Due to their high fiber content, these fruits keep you regular and support digestive health. Additionally, they’re rich in phytochemicals that ward off chronic diseases. Studies have linked apples to a lower risk of hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, asthma, and several types of cancer.

The health benefits of green apples are largely due to their antioxidant levels. This superfood protects against brain damage and neurodegenerative disorders by scavenging oxidative stress. When consumed regularly, it may help prevent stroke and reduce diabetes risk by as much as seven percent.

If you have IBS, colitis, or other digestive disorders, apple juice can help. Compared to the whole fruit, it’s easier to digest and break down in the GI tract. Plus, it’s unlikely to cause bloating or tummy pain.

Our recipe combines the health benefits of honeydew and green apple, offering the best of both worlds. Your skin will glow, your energy will increase, and your body will get rid of toxins more efficiently.

Enjoy this beverage whenever you feel the need to detox or crave something sweet. It will keep you hydrated and curb sugar cravings while improving your overall health.


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