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InstaCuppa’s Cucumber Honeydew Melon Cooler Detox Drink Infused Water Recipe

InstaCuppa’s Cucumber Honeydew Melon Cooler Detox Drink Infused Water Recipe

Fresh cucumber and honeydew is a match made in heaven. The sweet flavor of honeydew melon is balanced by cucumber’s refreshing taste, quenching your thirst instantly. We have combined these ingredients to create a delicious detox water recipe that will keep you hydrated on the hot summer days.

Believe it or not, toxins are everywhere. They can be found in the water, air, food, makeup, and household products. No matter how clean you clean, you’re exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis. That’s why regular detox is so important.

We’re not talking about crazy detox diets or colon cleansing formulas. All you to do is to consume foods and beverage that enhance your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Choose fruits and vegetables with a high water content. Citrus fruits, leafy greens, cucumbers, celery, melon, and others are chock-full of antioxidants that cleanse your liver and keep it functioning at its peak.

Cucumbers, for instance, boast large doses of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Plus, they’re 96 percent water. These veggies increase antioxidant levels in your body, assist in weight loss, and prevent electrolyte imbalances. On top of that, they have just 16 calories per cup!

We have also added honeydew to this detox drink to boost its flavor and nutritional value. Honeydew melon is 90 percent and contains high amounts of fiber. Both water and dietary fiber promotes digestive health and help your kidneys flush out toxins. They also increase satiety and keep you full for hours.

This delicious summer fruit is also loaded with potassium, which lowers blood pressure and supports cardiovascular health. Vitamin C, one of its key nutrients, stimulates collagen production, leading to younger-looking skin. Furthermore, it enhances your body’s natural defenses and wards off infections.

It’s amazing how much goodness is crammed into this beverage! Enjoy it first thing in the morning, during lunch break, or after dinner. It’s low in calories and packed with flavor, so it can replace your favorite soda.

We’ll need:

Fresh Cucumber
InstaCuppa Bottle


  1. Take off the infuser rod from the bottle.
  2. Chunk or slice the honeydew and cucumber into small pieces.
  3. Put both the ingredients in the infuser rod.
  4. Return the infuser rod back in the bottle.
  5. Add some cold water.
  6. Infuse for few hours.
  7. Enjoy Cucumber Honeydew Melon Cooler Detox Drink Infused Water Recipe!

Sounds simple, isn’t it? All you need is the InstaCuppa bottle, water, cucumbers, and honeydew melon. Share this beverage with your family and friends – it’s so delicious that they won’t believe it’s homemade! Plus, it’s much healthier and refreshing than any cocktail or fancy drink.


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