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InstaCuppa’s Calamansi Juice or Lime Infused Water Detox Drink For Weight Loss

InstaCuppa’s Calamansi Juice or Lime Infused Water Detox Drink For Weight Loss

Tired of diet pills and miracle weight loss products that yield little or no results? Then it’s time to consider a natural alternative! Certain fruits boast natural compounds with fat-burning properties. Calamasi and lime, for instance, reduce toxin buildup and improve your body’s ability to use fat for fuel.

If slimming pills worked, you’d already be lean. Last year, the weight loss industry reached $66 billion in the U.S. alone. Yet, one-third of Americans are overweight or obese. In fact, obesity rates are steadily increasing worldwide.

The only way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is to make lasting lifestyle changes. What you eat has the biggest impact on your body composition. Whole, natural foods should come first on your list.

Slim Down the Healthy Way

Our Calamansi Juice or Lime Infused Water Detox Drink appeals to those looking to shed stubborn fat and keep it off. This natural concoction has just two ingredients, namely water plus lime or calamansi. It’s healthy and refreshing, offering a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants.

Calamasi, the primary ingredient, grows in Southeast Asia but can be found in most stores. This tropical lime boasts large doses of vitamin C, flavonoids, and phytonutrients that promote health and well-being. It also contains over 60 volatile compounds with therapeutic properties.

Due to its high antioxidant levels, this fruit helps eliminate the toxins that promote fat storage in your tissues. Vitamin C further enhances its fat-burning power. In lab studies, this nutrient has been linked to reduced body fat levels.

A study has found that obese men and women who took 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily experienced a greater reduction in fat mass compared to the control group. Researchers have also discovered that low vitamin C levels in the bloodstream may reduce fat oxidation and contribute to weight gain.

Calamansi and lime will also keep your skin young and slow the aging process. The vitamin C in these fruits boosts collagen production, improves immune function, and helps remove teeth stains. It also supports kidney function and liver health.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, enjoy better digestion, or keep your immune system strong, this beverage can help. Try it yourself – here’s the recipe. It’s easy to make and costs next to nothing.

Calamansi Juice or Lime Infused Water Detox Drink For Weight Loss by InstaCuppa

We’ll need:

Calamansi or Lime
Cold Water
And InstaCuppa Bottle


  1. Take off the infuser rod from the bottle.
  2. Cut the all the calamansi or lime in half.
  3. Put the calamansi slices in the infuser rod then put the rod back in the bottle.
  4. Add cold water.
  5. Infused for few hours.
  6. Enjoy your Calamansi Juice or Lime Infused Water Detox Drink For Weight Loss!

The juice of calamansi reduces the toxins that stores fat for faster weight loss. These toxins that houses fat in the intestines are flushed out of the body.


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