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InstaCuppa Travel French Press FAQ

InstaCuppa Travel French Press FAQ

Is your Travel French press vacuum insulated?
Yes. Double walled stainless steel build of our travel mug ensures vacuum insulation and better temperature retention.

How long can the beverages be hot or cold?
Your freshly brewed coffee can stay hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 hours.

Is your travel mug B.P.A free?
Yes, our travel mug is B.P.A free and perfectly retains the original flavour of your coffee.

Is it spill proof?
Yes, our tumbler is spill proof and sweat free. Silicon sleeve ensures you get a perfect grip.

Is there any warranty for this product?
Yes. 1 Year Warranty. If you face any problem with in the warranty, then contact our brand support for a free replacement.

What if I do not like the product after purchase?
No problem. We do have a 14-day hassle free return policy. Just contact our brand support team. We will arrange a return pickup at your doorstep.
Also, you can purchase our products from Amazon & FlipKart and take advantage of their buyer protection plans.

How does the InstaCuppa Travel French Press work?

The InstaCuppa Travel French Press works by steeping coffee and water together. For best results, it’s recommended to use medium grinds with consistency and uniformity throughout. Finer grounds may cause your coffee to taste bitter. Additionally, they have lower permeability.

How to use the French Press?

Using the InstaCuppa Travel French Press is really simple. Place the pot on a flat surface and pull out the plunger. Add a tablespoon of coffee per 200 milliliters of water. Pour hot water into the pot and then stir gently. For the best possible flavor, use bottled or filtered water.

Place the plunger back into the pot without pushing it down. Let your coffee brew for about four minutes, slowly press the plunger down, and enjoy. Wash the pot and let it dry after each use.

What beverages can be prepared with the French Press?

The InstaCuppa Travel French Press does a lot more than just brew coffee. It’s ideal for making herbal tea and infusions as well as for straining broth. Coffee aficionados will love the ability to add frothy milk on top of their cup of joe or cocoa drink.

You may also use the French press to rinse quinoa, rehydrate dried foods, make whipped cream, infuse liquors and oils, emulsify vinegar, and much more. This handy gadget is perfect for juicing fresh berries, making hot chocolate and coffee concentrate, or mixing drinks with fresh fruit. Plus, you can strain anything in it.

Can you really take the InstaCuppa Travel French Press anywhere?

With its compact design, our French Press is a great choice for busy professionals and frequent travelers. It’s robust enough to survive shocks and light enough to carry it anywhere. Place it in your purse, gym bag, luggage, or even in a large pocket.

Why Use a French Press?

The French Press isn’t just easy to use but also makes the best coffee. Only ground coffee and hot water are required to operate it.

Compared to other brewing methods, it gives you more control over the extraction of your coffee, so your cup of joe will taste a lot better. Plus, it preserves the natural oils in coffee and produces a heavier mouthfeel. Its affordable price shouldn’t be overlooked either.

French press coffee is higher in caffeine, leading to increased energy and alertness. It also boasts large doses of lipophilic antioxidants and chlorogenic acid lactones. These natural compounds strengthen the neuronal cells and boost brainpower.


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