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How To Use Your InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug

How To Use Your InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug

Ready to try the InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug? In this case, you might wonder how it works. If you’ve seen our recipes, you might have noticed how easy it is to use this device. It takes minutes to prepare delicious fresh brewed coffee and even juices or fruit-infused water.

We’ll need:

  • InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug
  • Your choice of Coarse Ground Coffee

Simply follow these steps:

  • Take off the cover and steel rod from the mug.
  • Add 1-2 tbsp of ground coffee, depending on your taste preferrence.
  • Add some hot water.Take note that the water should not go above the water level line inside the mug.Travel Press is not leak proof for liquids over 30*C.
  • Mix the coffee using a spoon.
  • Put the cover back and keep it unpressed for at least 4 minutes. Close the lid tightly as well as the flip-top portion of the cap for better insulation
  • After few minutes, press the plunger and enjoy your French Press Coffee!

What Is a French Press?

Connoisseurs say that French presses make the best coffee – and for good reason. This coffee brewing device has been around since 1929. Despite its name, it was developed in Italy, not France. It’s known under different names around the world, such as coffee plunger in South Africa, cafetière à piston in France, and caffettiera a stantuffo in Italy.

Over the years, this innovative device has undergone numerous changes in design and function. The modern version consists of a glass or clear plastic container equipped with a nylon mesh or stainless steel filter and a plastic or metallic lid.

The InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug is made of double-walled stainless steel, which ensures a stable temperature and better vacuum insulation. Your coffee will stay cold for up to 12 hours or hot for up to six hours. Plus, our version is BPA-free and spill proof. This makes ideal for those who are on the go and want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime, anywhere.

Why French Pressed Coffee?

French pressed is not only delicious but healthier too. Compared to regular coffee, it boasts larger doses of Methylpyridinium, a natural compound that fights cancer and inhibits acid production. For this reason, it’s less likely to cause acid reflux and heartburn.

This beverage is also higher in caffeine, which contributes to its energizing effect. Caffeine also boosts your metabolism, improves reaction time, and increases alertness. Whether you’re getting ready for a job interview or a school exam, French pressed coffee is your best ally. It will wake you instantly and refresh your senses.

Not a big fan of coffee? No problem! With the InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug, you can make delicious beverages at home, such as carrot juice, pineapple and broccoli infused detox water, kiwi orange infused water, and much more! These healthful concoctions are packed with nutrition and have just a few calories per serving.


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