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How To Infuse Loose Leaf Tea Using InstaCuppa Travel French Press

How To Infuse Loose Leaf Tea Using InstaCuppa Travel French Press

To enjoy a healthier cup and flavor, loose tea leaves are brewed within the first year.

Do you prefer tea bags or loose leaf tea? While both options are healthy and full of goodness, the latter packs a heftier nutrition punch. That’s right – loose tea is higher in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – and boasts a stronger flavor and rich aroma. The leaves allow for more water to flow and extract the nutrients in herbs.

But did you know that you can now enjoy the benefits of loose leaf tea on the go? With the InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug, anyone can make the healthiest herbal tea within minutes. Better yet, you can take it with you at work, in the car, or wherever you go – and keep it warm.

Here’s what you need to infuse loose leaf tea in your French press!

  • Hot water
  • Loose leaf tea
  • InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug


  1. Take off the mug lid and plunger carefully.
  2. Put 1 to 2 tbsp. of loose leaf tea depending on your taste preference.
  3. Add hot water.
  4. Stir it.
  5. Make sure the plunger is not pressed down.
  6. Put the lid cover back on the mug.
  7. Wait at least 4 minutes.
  8. Then press the plunger down! Enjoy your healthier cup of tea!

Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Tea Bags?

Both tea bags and loose leaf tea are packed with flavor and nutrition. Loose leaf tea, though, is more concentrated and boasts a higher nutritional value.

Tea bags, in general, contain broken pieces from the actual tea leaves. Some are heavily processed and lose valuable antioxidants.

Loose leaf tea, by contrast, is in its purest form, allowing you to fully reap its healing power. Since the actual leaf slips into your cup, it provides fiber and benefits your overall health to a greater extent than tea bags do. In fact, the Japanese people eat fresh tea leaves, add them to salads and other dishes, or mix them into juices after enjoying the brew.

Furthermore, the leaves can be re-infused with hot water several times. Therefore, you’ll not only get more nutrients but also save money in the process. Tea bags, on the other hand, can only be used once.

Generally, loose herbal teas are made with higher quality leaves, so they boast more bioactive compounds and volatile oils. They’re also more versatile as their aroma, flavor, and nutritional value vary from season to season and from one year to the next. Tea bags are usually standardized and lose most of their flavor during packaging, transportation, and storage.

Ready to give loose leaf tea a try? Experiment with different tea varieties and flavors! Loose green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, chamomile tea – the possibilities are endless. Use fresh leaves to fully reap the benefits.


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