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How To Infuse Coffee using InstaCuppa Tea Strainer Bottle

How To Infuse Coffee using InstaCuppa Tea Strainer Bottle

We’ll need:

  • Coarse Ground Coffee
  • Tea Infuser Bottle
  • Hot Water


  • Take off the infuser basket from the bottle.
  • This time, we only need the short strainer.
  • Put 2 tbsp or more of coarse ground coffee depending on your taste
  • Then lock the strainer back in the tea infuser bottle.
  • Fill it with hot water. Make sure not to soak the strainer handle
    in the water.
  • Cover the bottle.
  • For quick infusion, you can either shake or rotate the bottle
    upside down for few seconds, then let it infuse for 4 minutes.
  • Drink it directly from the bottle with the strainer or transfer it
    to a different bottle for later consumption.

Note: The longer the infusing time is, the more bitter coffee is.

Temperature and time can change the kind of coffee by influencing the rate of oxidation, which is the rate at which the oils, acids, and sugars breaks down. Depending upon how rapidly this procedure happens, the fragrance, flavor and surface of each cup of coffee can differ from one cup to the other. For best results and coffee experience, it’s wise to combine the right temperature and coffee grind that suits your taste.


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