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How To Clean Your InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug

How To Clean Your InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug

The Fresh Press is just as popular today as it was nearly a century ago. This simple device makes the best coffee in the world while offering convenience. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, or in your car, you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee that will boost your energy and stamina.

What makes the InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug so popular is its design and unique properties. Our version is BPA-free, sweat-free, and spill-proof, making it ideal for today’s busy professionals who are always on the go.

Additionally, it boasts a double walled stainless steel container for perfect vacuum insulation and improved temperature control. Its silicone sleeve ensures a perfect grip, so you’ll no longer have to worry about spilling your coffee while driving or rushing to work.

With proper care, you’ll be able to use this travel mug for years. Cleaning it is really simple. Here’s how to do it!

We’ll need:

Your used travel mug
Dishwashing soap


  1. Take off the flip top cover carefully.
  2. Put all the remaining coffee on your strainer.
  3. You can use a spoon if the coffee becomes a bit sticky or hard.
  4. Wash the mug with water and put small amount of dishwashing soap.
  5. You can put the flip top cover back and press the plunger repeatedly.
  6. Keep pressing until the soap is bubbly and foamy.
  7. Wash the other parts with soap and rinse.

Seems easy, isn’t it? With this handy device, anyone can make a delicious coffee that tastes much better than store-bought versions. Your favorite beverage will have a rich, full flavor and deliver more caffeine per serving.

Research shows that French press coffee may protect against Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular problems due to its high caffeine content. On top of that, it energizes your mind and body, so you’ll feel more productive and eager to work.

With the French press, you’ll get a complete saturation of the grounds. Plus, this device helps release the antioxidants and nutrients in coffee. It also allows for better temperature control and saves counter space because of its compact design. The beans will be brewed to perfection, ensuring a superior flavor and rich consistency.

The InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug will make your life easier and save you room in the kitchen. You can even carry it in your bag or luggage while on the go. It’s easy to use and clean, and fits into any budget.

In addition to coffee, you can prepare fresh fruit and vegetable juices, fruit-infused detox water, and other healthful concoctions that would otherwise require a juicer. Make sure you check out our recipes – the possibilities are endless! From iced coffee frappe and cold brew coffee soda to coffee ice cream milkshake, this travel mug produces the most savory beverages you can think of!


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