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How To Remove And Reattach Your InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Ice Ball

Let's unbox it!

Inside the box is 1000 ML InstaCuppa Infuser bottle. It also comes with a sturdy metal safety ring on the lid that keeps the bottle lid safely locked.

The bottle has an ergonomic sipper cap which can be opened with an easy to open flip-flop lid for trouble-free use.

The Hydration Tracking Markings will help you keep track of your hydration. The bottle has rubber seals around the screw cap and spout that prevent leakage.

Inside is also a free protein shaker ball for smoother, great-tasting drinks that can evenly mix the thickest ingredients as you shake!

Stuff all your favourite fruits within the full-length infusion unit to taste your desired flavoured water for a long time.

Your bottle also comes with free cleaning sponge. The anti-sweat insulated neoprene sleeve helps you to hold your bottle conveniently.

This Polar edition infusion bottle comes with an ice ball removable attachment that you can freeze in the freezer for 4 hours! Affixed at the bottom, this removable gel freezer ball keeps your infused drink cold for a longer time!


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